This will be yet another update. Current feedback from Jen is that we should be updating this more often. Yes, yes, I know and it's a matter of finding the time to do it. So now at the wee hours of 1:30am in the morning, I'm putting up some changes and hope most of it will become active by the end of the year.

There seems to be many things we're trying to do this time and 2005 promises to be a year where we're gonna try to do a couple of things, set our resolutions right and well, involve a whole lot more with family and friends! Of course, I really now need to take care of our fishies in the house. The tank is coming along nice and fine and I'm going to start doing a bit more. Congrats to all our friends that have added a new member to their families!

Right now.. it's going towards Xmas 2004!

22 November 2004

1. BBQ Session!
2. Blog for the day...
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