hello hello!

finally after such a LoNggggggggggg wait, my webpage is HERE! yes! here is where u can trace where i've been, what nonsense i've been up to, my favourite things, places and also hopefully what good deeds we've covered hee...

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update: i'm married and trying to erhm... live up to our country's demands... (let u guess what it is).... just dun think y y ah (answer is right at the bottom of the page)

hmm, is it a trend to have some sort of famous saying stuck across the site? for me it'll be:

*bleah* n *wink* *wink*

wanna find out the answer yet?? hee... dun be cheeky ah...

latest wildest thing i've ever ever done would be to "rockclimb" horizontally across some fjords to reach a oldie glacier. it took us almost 1.5hr to reach the foot of the glacier, you would think its super far away, but truth is, we are such vain pots that we kept stopping during the "climb" to take pictures! yes! thank God for that, we ended up with tonnes of beautiful pictures to remind us of our wonderful experience.

saying goes: its no life u lived till you've touched, smelt, TASTEd a glacier!


answer: pursuing my phd lah! what y y things were you thinking of? heh heh Gotcha!

*Tongue stuck out!* while walking down the road.
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