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One look & you think that this is the craziest thing that anyone can do... A modern day FARMER.

Hey NO, this Me here is actually trying to dig the soil with a very high tech equipment called corer.

Though covered in sear pesperation, I am happily collecting samples to be dissected for further studies.

My Training:

I'm a Cell & Molecular Biology major who specialises in learning about how cells function, divide, growth at the molecular level.

While I spent my BSc learning about cells, I spent my MSc learning about the zebrafish. My research on the zebrafish involved identifying biomarkers for pollution.

I've received Teaching Assistant rewards and Graduate Tutor honors whilst in NUS. These exposures to teaching and education made me realised my love for teaching and imparting knowledge. (A late bloomer I guess)

Hence, that spurred me to be a lecturer at NYP where I totally enjoyed my student & staff interaction. Life was hectic and sometimes crazy but definitely Fun and enjoyable. =)



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