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My first encounter with peanuts comics was when a friend had carelessly left her copy lying on a coffee table in her office. I picked it up when I was just visiting her and started reading it from cover to cover. I searched desperately for more peanuts comics but to no avail.

Somehow, 12years ago, singaporeans just don't seems to appreciate Schulz humor or understand how his comics protray the many humourously interesting aspects of life. Be it 50years ago, now or 100years later, the same quarkiness will be experienced as human instincts will remain largely intact.

Latest collection: the compilation of ALL of Schulz's peanuts works, in full print! I'm very excited to be receiving the good news... now the mission is to save up enough $$ to get them for the next 25yrs of my life! ahh.... at last I can finaly own ALL of his comics and not wonder what he drew on each of my birthdays.... *wink*

Photos to be updated shortly.....

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