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What can consituent special?

How about a drawer handle made of some heavy metal substance which Nada bought from Thailand or was it Hong Kong?

I also absolutely LOVE a musical piece that Jes-jie indulged me in on one of our very first meetings!

Anyone remember PEZ? The rectangular sweets that can be dispensed out from a tube with a cartoon character on them? So far I've managed to get Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty, maybe they are fated to be together??

I used to have a singlet top with Joe Cool embrodied on it neatly at the corner, since I've outgrown the singlet, I've been wondering what should I do with the snip of the embrodiary....

For my last christmas, Ad gave me a set of WMF cutlery set! Super cool! Its still shiny with polish... cant bear to use it... its simply perfect right now...

Since more of my friends know of my snoopy craz, they have been pampering me non-stop with snoopy items like mugs (i've got like over 20 at home... currently I only used 2 of them at home... shall I secretly try to break them? hee...), toys, dolls etc.

Photos to be updated shortly.....

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