Billund , Denmark of June 2004, Log 01

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• Billund Log 01

When I was just a little boy, I asked my daddy: "Daddy, can I have Lego?" And here's what I got instead... a whole bag full of lego bricks! I kept winning at those Lego competitions. *wide grin*

When I got married, I asked my wifey:"Dear, can I build you a house?" My wifey said:"With what? Lego?" So here's what I had to do... Go to Legoland to find my inspirations!



Can you hear the trumpets sound? They are playing a song for me! Since this is the dream place to BE!

Oh, I think I forgot my sunblock....

From Copenhagen, we had to take a train and a bus to reach Legoland, Billund. The journey took about 2hours. Along the way, we saw places like LegoTown, LegoFarm, Lego**, Lego** everything is Lego here! So exciting!



  Behind me, doesn't the row of houses look familiar? They are miniature replica of the Bergen shophouses! And the boats do move along the waterbanks! Very happening!

We signed up for LegoRobotics, we get to program a computer module with the help of their software to navigate through Space and launch an astronaut! Jen had great fun making the tiny plastic man jump out of his Space chair time and time again.





When I was young I asked my Mother:"What will I be?" Will I be a designer of robots? Will I be a scupltor of faces on walls? Will I be a face behind a lion head?

"Hey, stop pulling my tiny beard little kid!" My curls are actually made up of tiny tiny monkeys with cury tails!

We took tonnes of free rides inside Legoland. After 3hours, we were totally exhausted and had to head back to Copenhagen. Wished we had a room at LegoHotel, which overlooks Legoland itself!

Finally, we had to say bye bye to Copenhagen. Carry our big big bags, we headed towards the airport with a strong tinge of reluctance. This marks the end of the 10th city, 6th country of our long waited Europe Grand Slam. Which means we're coming to an end of our Honeymoon! Oh NO......

Yet our next destination holds a strong place in our hearts.

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