Copenhägen , Denmark of June 2004, Log 01

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• Copenhägen Log 01

Next stop, Copenhägen! A city famous for its writers, for its people, for its Danish cookies and very importanty.... LEGOLAND!

We took the Scanrail once last time together, we managed to snuggle into a four sitter facing each other along the journey, chor dai-di, breakfast (erhm Alex's favourite fruit throughout the trip = BananaS)

Don't we look abit burnt? *strange*



Question: What is the MUST see touristy spot in Copenhägen? Its the Little Mermaid! The author was Danish! So year after year, tourist arrive in Copenhägen expecting a huge fuss about Hans Christian Andersen by the locals and discover it doesn't quite feel the same when you are there.

We felt watched and scrutinsed along some pubs and realised that our yellow-skin has stirred some discomforts in the air as it appears to be associated with some of the folks in the streets digging in bins for cans and leftovers. *sigh*






We had two fantastic host during our stay, Paul picked us up from the train station while Can Seng brought us around the pier where we saw a sand scuplture of the newly wedded Danish Crown Prince & Princess! Cool!

During our stay with Can Seng & Paul, it was also the season of Euro Cup! We would enjoy a nice dinner and watch the game with fruits or desserts. No need to wake up in the middle of the night, no need to record and watch playbacks.... totally awesome!


And with more kind gesture from Can Seng & Paul, we tasted authentic Danish Roast Pork (some interesting name which I totally forgot after the drinks) and yummy sides of radish, pickles which we're still savouring the taste.... Hmm... Heavenly!

We had freshly baked break each morning for breakfast with lemon curd! My first try of very refreshing tasty "jam" for the morning! Subsequently, we found some lemon curd in Melbourne and it din taste the same... Can Seng, yours were tastier! Maybe its the freshly baked bread, maybe it was the great company, maybe maybe maybe...


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