Fläm, Norway of June 2004, Log 01

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On the 8th of June, we took one of the world's most scenic trains that passes through Europe's largest mountain plateau Hardangervidda to Fläm. We passed through plains of farmland and slowly mountains laced with snowy tops starts to appear. The sense of clamness and taste of cold fresh air signals the start of an awesome journey for us. Watching the massive waterfalls and rapidly flowing river water makes us wonder how cold the water would be.


No words can describe the serenity felt by wisping pass these quiet, calm-looking mountains dotted with snow along its ridges with a peaceful flowing lake in the foreground.

We saw private houses along the ridges and gleemed at them with envy for their holiday home is one filled with nature's most beautiful artwork.


The train took us through many tunnels that were mostly older then all of us.... so in those dark moments, what do you think TouRist like US would do? hee...

I liked this photo very much as this is one of the ONLY successful photo after many failed attempts at getting all of us into one picture, with the "right" kind of exposure of all of us.... *wink*



Yes Flam AT LAST!!! This the our favourite leg of the trip... because, we are in foreign land filled with foreigners! ha ha...

See the goodie bag on me? *slurp*

First time we set foot on a Fjord... the air is bustling with activities, everyone is trying to figure out the different activites available, take the cruise? Take a drive? Cycle around up the waterfalls? Trekking? Many many options!

So we took to settling into our luxurious accomodation and check out car rentals for the next day's road trip up to the glaciers... and prepare DINNER! u wonder y, when the sky is stil so bright... its already past 6pm! Hungry!



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