Fläm, Norway of June 2004, Log 01

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Fläm Log 01
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Heh heh.... what do urbanized singaporeans do when they see a railway track? Pose for photos of course! This is the only railway track that leads to Fläm so got added value!

Our first evening in Fläm and we are headed straight for the car rental service to see if they have a car for us to go driving driving. We Want to Go See the Glacier! *fingers crossed for an available car*



A giant blackie Slug, its a common sight along the paths, they crawl along the pathways very very slowly.... how do u like Alex's modeling hands? *wink*

Feeling adventurous, we took out a trekking map towards the waterfall behind our cosy hotel and started our trekking at 8.30pm. (yes at night, dun forget that the sun never sets in summer! hee)


Doesn't this reminds you of a scene in the sound of music?

The walk was accompanied by the natural sounds of water hitting rocks as well as cute sounding bells on the sheeps and lambs. Hmm... the wonders of nature, feels really refreshing! Emily very "yeong" she was the only one wearing a nice street walking leather shoe for the trip, whilst the rest of us were armoured with trekking boots, even gotex!





  Baaa.... the sheeps were so tamed that they came right up to each of us, expecting sugar cubes on our palms. Too bad we were not prepared for them, better luck next time! BAA.

Wondered how the water tasted like? Heavenly! Its so refreshingly FRESH and COLD! We sent boy scouts out to get the real flowing water and finished drinking them before reaching our dents.


  We had our first dinner in Fläm outdoors! In the heat of the sun with strong winds blowing by, our hot spagetti quickly turned cold. Did you notice my glass of fresh water? It came straight from the tape and tastes unimaginably delicious, I think I drink more water than eating the dinner! Oops... shh, dun tell the cook of the night....


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