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Day 3 in Fläm brings us to one of the world's oldest glacier the Jostedalsbreen. There is a museum at the bottom of the glacier which you can get the special equipment to get up the glacier or join in the tours and even understand the history of the glacier!

We drove for hours, trying to get to the glacier, even took a ferry with our car to get across to the Sognefjord. We lots of waterfalls, but no glacier till we took a turn into the museum. Woah... awesome!




Top Left: View of the glacier from our "lunch point". The shortest guided tour would have taken 2hours from the starting point to the glacier. Guess how long the 4 of us took? *wink*

Top Right: Our "lunch point", we managed to "koop" a bench to enjoy the awesome view.

Side: A sign that I cannot image seeing... at least not in Singapore. hee...






I feel like the top of the World! It so cool to be standing on History! yes, history, it takes millions of years for these historical icy giants to be formed and get "pushed" down to where we are standing. So its precious old stuff that we are jumping in joy about, ironical?

To get to the glaciers, we have to take the world longest tunnel, the Lardals, cutting across mountains and mountains. Wasnt fun driving 30mins in darkness. However the company was GREAT!




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