Bergen, Norway of June 2004, Log 01

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• Bergen Log 01

We arrived during noon time, ahh we are totally HUNGRY! After searching relentlessly for a SAFE locker to keep our huge backpacks. We got ourselves a map of bergen and tried to navigate quickly to get some food in our stomachs.

After walking up a street of what seems to be high-class shopping district. We landed in a wet market next to the port. YUMMY starts HERE!!



We saw tonnes of delicious looking food! Bergen is a famous port for its seafood. No persons should leave here without a taste of what Norwegian fresh seafood is like.

U bet, we got our very capable Tai-Tai Em to entice the gentlemen behind the counter to let us try every singly type of food that they are selling, from fresh salmon, marinated salmon, carviar, WHALEmeat yes, its yucky! The right-hand most black stuff.... We even had the chance to taste Alaskan King Crab! shh....


After much eating and drinking, we headed to the older shop houses that reminds us of our Clarke Quay in Singapore. These shop-houses are specially preserved for historical purposes. Currently, they house tourist shops selling large numbers of post-cards and post-cards and post-cards....

U can guess... it totally bore us city folks to DEATH!

Check out how Alex and Em took it hee... again shhh.....





Bergen is definitely a great stopover for yummy seafood that cannot be matched elsewhere in the world. In addition, you get to see how creative even their sewage covers can get. Or can check out how gorgeous people spend their time taking photos infront of historical structures! ;-)

Onward we go towards Copenhägen in an overnight sleeper. They fit 3 to a room. Can you guess what 4 adventurous adults would do under such circumstances?

We all SQUEEZED into ONE cabin... Yup! Are we crazy? YUP!

Did we have fun?? YUPper YUP!! btw, that's all the space in the cabin. Ad was lying down on the floor to take this photo.

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