Oslo, Norway of June 2004, Log 01

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We arrived in Oslo on a bright sunny evening on 8th of June. As the men are orientating themselves to find our hostel, we posed with the rainbow balloons behind us! We were wondering if the rainbow balloon means that they are supporter of gay movements? Or just trying to make the place look more cherry? Oslo is also a very bike friendly neighbourhood. See the tonnes of bikes parked around us? We are just outside the central train stations, alot of locals cycle to the train stations and take the trains to work or play!

  For our last minute reading on Norway, we learnt that sweater shops are their native attraction! The sweaters are in many different intricate designs that oftens leaves you wondering how they are made. I used to think that there are only two types of sweaters, the plain coloured ones and those with a vertical zig-zag across it like Charlie Brown's. We sneaked into the entrance of a sweater shop *innocently* and took pictures of their "native" attraction. Yes, its the little troy that is the attraction, not our husbands! *wink*

Another amazing phenomena that we simply cannot get enough of is.... the LOOONNNNNGGGG daylight! The picture is taken at night! Yes, its 8pm at night and yet it felt like it was 3pm in the afternoon. The only down part to the long daylight is, we end up doing window-shopping most of the time. Cos the shops are mostly closed by 5pm... which is like the time when we wake up? hee

Oslo city is busseling with activities even into the late night with lots of locals eating out, enjoying the late autumn sun.


  We stayed in Oslo Overnatting, just a few minutes away from the central train station. The room was spacious (initially) until we started to unpack.... it looked like a war zone isn't it? Hee, if you have travelled with us, you would realise that we spend most of our time "re-organising" our luggage. We've become quite good with packing after this trip! Okay, for some truth here, we are actually not that bad with our wardrobe organisation, its just that we are going away for a short 3 day trip to Flam and returning back to Oslo, we dun want to carry everything mah... so got to figure out how much to bring & not to bring....


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