Oslo, Norway of June 2004, Log 01

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Oslo Log 01
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We came back to Oslo again after Flam and Bergen. Guess what we fell in love with? Its got to be FooD!! We cannot stop eating.... and its not just any other yummy, but SHRIMPS! Its a norwegian speciality, shrimps are caught fresh from the sea, cooked immediately on board with sea water and sold at the harbour. We paid 60Nok (about S$18) for half a kg of these delicious, mouth-watering shrimps. *slurp*

We liked it so much that we wanted to take a cruise that serves norwegian shrimp buffet! Pity that the criuse only starts in summer, we were too early *sob* *sob*


  We took the day easy, walking around the city center and wandered into the harbor area where we had our shrimp feast. While getting around town, for some reasons, there were alot of freebies given out that peculiar day. We had each had two boxes of Frisk Orange flavoured sweets, a whole handful of licorice Fisherman (which we all hated!! hmm, maybe that was why they were so generous with the sweet) and we entered a photo exhibition FREE too! They were showcasing the latest home printers from various different brands like Canon and Espon. And guess what? Eagle-eyed Em spotted the Canon promoters who prints for free! (All others have charges for testing their print outs... just like their toilets here charges are at S$7) So we got all excited and "tested" our wonderful glacier photos, in addition, we got postcards too! We all agreed that Canon photo printers are a strong contender in our selection of printers at home.

Ikea was an icon from Sweden which we wanted to pay our "respects" to. Fortunately, we found the opportunity to experience the "ang-mo" version of Ikea in Oslo, there were free buses! hee... told you it was a day of many free things... We arrived in Ikea Furuset after a 30mins bus ride from city center. It was huge ah, but very familiar decoration, organisation, even the hotdogs were sold the same way as in Singapore Ikea. Best of all, the food is CHEAP! Yes, CHEAP if you compare it with the rest of Norway, it cost about S$10 for a very decent meal here in Ikea whereas in the town areas, you would be lucky to get a tiny sandwich for that price. A big mac meal here cost about S$30.

We saw a boy of about 5yrs old eating his melting ice-cream with his face full of nothing but cream, not having mention his whole t-shirt soaked in his dripping ice-cream, his parents are nowhere in sight! Later we found out that he had a younger brother of about 1yr old who was eating a hotdog all by himself! He did attempt to clean chairs with his hotdog a few times before he dropped it. All this time, their daddy just sat and ate his own hotdog happily.


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