Amsterdam, Holland of June 2004, Log 02

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This was something that caught the attention of one of the guys in the group. Now here in this cafe, these leggy women are the waitresses. Dressed in ultra tight and small outfits, they were dressed to kill. Highly popular and packed to the brim, what amazed us all was their ability to not feel COLD in this blazing chill! The winds come up (since this is the port) and even I should say the chill was up. But for these ladies, it's all in a day's work! Beats Hooter's hands-down!


We decided to enter one of the famous Sex Museums here in Amsterdam. Jasmine once did tell show us photos when she travelled as an SQ air-stewardess. Decided to go on in and check out the audacity and the attitude of the dutch as they deal with sex. You can get as much of Sex in the City as this is.

It wasn't too expensive either, at about 2€ a person? (*shouting to jen*, how much was it?) Not sure either! But we did drag Em in! Haha!


The place was filled with all sorts of s-- related stuff. (can't put too much of the s word here; the way google is so powerful now, it'll definitely come up in the searches, it is after all one of the most sought after words in searches!)

This Sex Museum houses an extensive international collection of historical erotic and pornographic art, literature and artefacts. The exhibits include mannequins arranged in titillating tableau, Greek temple devotional items, Japanese carved erotic ivories and antique and modern fetish wear.

There is a comprehensive selection of manuscripts and drawings ranging from the Karma Sutra to twentieth-century comics and a vast film and photographic library proffering every sexual predilection and preference.

See the pictures all behind me? Photos taken from 1970s!


An interactive section offers visitors privacy in one of several small padded booths, with a selection of films playing continuously whilst the display of contemporary paintings can be viewed from one of three appropriately shaped seven-foot long vibrating chairs.

We saw this one particular centre-piece (where Jen is) and made up of many sizeable "organs" and well, what a huge fruit platter and it even allows excessive water to drain out! :)


Another thing that is all around is hash, or marijuana, or pot if you like. Never seen one before, but here, you've even got the Hemp Museum at Oudezijds Achterburgwal. Right outside, you even have the plant that you extract the leaves for hash from!

The Hash Info Museum details the 8,000-year history and many uses of cannabis and hemp, including the production of paper and textiles as well as its medicinal benefit.

The process of producing hash and marijuana and the various rolling and smoking methods are all explained in detail with a shop conveniently located next to the museum selling assorted smoking and growing equipment. Through a glass wall, visitors can observe dozens of varieties of marijuana cultivated in optimal conditions, with some plants standing over 150 centimetres (60 inches) tall, their lush foliage shining under special growing lamps.


This exact street where the Hemp Museum is is also where the Red Light District is. We were there pretty early so there wasn't much action. Think the place was built for guys and so, here, this tin can looking thing is the urinal. No doors, you just go in and pee and it comes out in front (where it is yellow).

Right behind, you see the houses there and every window, when it is peak, will have a girl dancing and seducing the daylights out of men. We saw some, and if a guywas interested, they would negotiate, settle and the guy would go inside. The Pro will draw the curtain and it seems the insides are very well equipped with toilets, etc. We sneaked a peak at one that was opened up for cleaning.

It's a carnival here. Lots of tourist and even kids are around. What are the parents thinking? Duh? At the end, we got back and the parking was a fantastic 27€!

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