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The start of our honeymoon backpacking trip to Europe! We will attempt 8 countries, 12 cities using the bus, train, airplane, car travel!

Arriving at the Charles De Gaulle International Airport. Incidentally, several days before,
a whole part of the roof in one of the terminals had collapsed! We didn't get to see it though.

For a good site for information for Paris, here it is. Here's like one of the longest travellators we've seen on our travels.


We get out of the airport using the free shuttle that takes us to the train station. There, we purchase a 2 day pass. (You can of course buy a carnet of 10 tickets but we figured we'll buy the 2 day one and see if it is worth our while!)

So off we go into the trains RER/Metro and we go all the way down to Montparnasse (with our luggage) on our bags. The bags weigh a bloody ton and having not adjusted the straps properly on my bag, my shoulders start feeling the weight. Still the feeling of adventure heightens! All the angmos around and we're here in Paris! Bonjour!

The trains are fantastic here. Super fast and so many stations all around. They are not as dirty as the London Tube but well they serve their purpose and it's way more efficient than Singapore's MRT.


We start moving around and are headed towards our hostel. We figured that the nearest train station would be a stone's throw away from our hostel (Aloha Hostels). But unfortunately, the train station was closed for renovations! Shucks! Fortunately Jen was sharp enough to figure it out on the train maps and so we had to drop earlier and walk to the hostel. A good 15 minutes walk and this was in the morning about 9am! A good time for the rest of the day and we slept so well on the flight. Did we not mention that the food and service on board MAS was great!?

  After checking in, the first place we head to is the Eiffel Tower! What a piece of engineering! And as we head closer, it looks awesome against a perfect blue sky. We check out the stalls by the side (selling all types of minature towers and goodies) and postcards. As we near it, the place is HUGE, people from all over the world together here and security of course is very present with burly soldiers holding rifles (steyr) and looking very alert in teams of 3. The queues were long too and you take either one of the legs to get a lift up.

This is the photo taken at the bottom of one of the legs as we await the lift up to the tower. The top is closed when we were there but 2 other levels were open for visitors.

Not too cheap to go up; about 8€ and it's a huge lift that takes us up. Quite a ride up as you see Paris at your feet!

Ok, it is HOT at this time... and I'm happy in my one short sleeve shirt. Jen on the other-hand is still in her fleece!


So here's both of us monkeying around at the mid-way of the Towers. Loads of people and we get to see North, South, East and West of Paris! There are placement boards all around that identifies for you all the sights in Paris and you try to identify them.

Of course, there is information all around about the tower. Do you know that they lit the Tower all RED and lit fireworks when the Chinese President Hu JingTao went to visit? Cool!

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