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Paris is full of charm! All around, you get a different perspective. You get a little modern, a little old, a little traditional, a little art du nouveau, and it's impressive. Just look at the entrance to the Metro station and how it is done up! One thing of course as we started this trip is the amount of daytime. It's summer and evening comes at about 9pm and we get alot more time to explore.

There's alot of tributes to Napoleon and at places like Place De Invalides, where there's the Place de l'Ecole Militaire. The old Military Academy in France, a Napoleon tribute. All officers in his Armee du Nord were trained here.

There's many museums here in Paris. Tributes to many old dignitaries. We didn't manage to get to many but here's one we definitely had to go to: Louvre.


Food wise, we did ok. Not too expensive. Hotdogs are great and so are their sandwiches, which are about 3€. Crepes are fantastic and so you've got to try them. I had the one with bananas and nutella. Worth every cent!

Sitting by the roads having a coffee is a french pastime. We did so at MacDonald's of course as we head down to the Louvre Museum.

The tour buses are double deckers here in Paris and the top is all glass! Way cool. But no skirts ladies!




MacDonald's in Paris is very interesting. They of course have their special servings of food, salads which we don't get in Singapore. Meals are about 5€ but the best of all is the HAMBURGERS! They are 0.75€ and they come in the shape of stars!

Quite neat and so we were gobbling down hamburgers and I tried the milk shake. Not bad at all! French Fries are good here although they are not french. We were warned about paying for sauces but it was thankfully free.




And finally, here we are at the Louvres! Check out a QTVR here. It's blazing out here right in ront of the glass pyramid, a new (newer but it's been around for 3 years) entrance and the entire area is huge! It takes really couple of days if you want to try to explore this place totally and in all its magnificance.

The architecture and building dates back centuries and the amount of studies here in Arts matches up to that at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.




As we walk through the long galleries, we didn't sign up for a guided tour and walked on our own, joining up with other groups secretly to listen to some of the pieces of Art.

There were even mummies here! There was also a huge number of statues that dates back to BC times and looking at the frescos on the ceiling, one gets really awed. Signs all over indicated getting to the most famous piece and when we were there, the groups snapping away at the photos numbered a hundred!




The most famous piece in the Museum here is the one and only Mona Lisa! Kept in a cabinet with a screen in front, it protected the painting from the many flashes! I stood by the side just looking at the people trying to get a snap of the painting.

Do they know what it is about? Were they able to appreciate the painting? Jen was trying to do the "walk from left to right" test to see if she was still smiling at you. The crowds didn't quite allow that.

So she moved right in and tried taking photos as with everyone else!

Security is tight here too. A child had left her bag behind and once security saw it left on the chair, took it away quickly. Oh, chairs in the museum were a luxuary! For those tired legs!

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